We seek to share our stories with those who live with Spirit!


We believe in the power of the Great Spirit’s presence as it fills our hearts, helping us to reach outward in the Four Directions to all people in need of healing.

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Mission Statement

Approved by the Pastoral Council September 29, 2009. 

"We profess our faith as American Indian Roman Catholics. And seek to preserve the spiritual traditions in our lives and in our worship that have nurtured our people over the centuries. We will continue to develop a community grounded in compassion and love. We seek to share our charism with the Local Church and with those who are affiliated through tribal relationships. We look to the future as children of a common creator guided by God’s Spirit. We pledge ourselves to take up the mission of Christ to bring Good News to the outcast. We are open to conversion led by God’s Word. We are advocates for a just society."

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