Unfolding Vision

Unfolding Vision

Unfolding Vision

We are finalizing our long range planning document. Call or speak to Shawn, Maryanna, or Robert to share your vision for our parish. 

Gichitwaa Kateri Parish is in the midst of discussing, evaluating, and planning its long-range plan. We have met as a community over the last year to formulate a course of action moving forward. Below you will find a selection of principles, ideas, and changes, that show how our community sees itself as we walk together into the future.

Part of this process was initiated by the Archdiocesan wide Synod initiated by Archbishop Bernard Hebda. Below are the principles that spoke to the synod group in our parish, and our statements about them we found important for the Archdiocese to hear. 

Proposition 1: Engaging Parish Life and Mission

  • Repentance for the sins perpetuated by the Church against the Indigenous people of the area. Further, to help all in the healing of this brokenness.

Proposition 2: Engaging Prayer

  • Provide prayerful, individual opportunities to be together in connection with the community through stewardship, service, love, and joyful gatherings.

Proposition 3: Engaging Youth in the Life and Mission of the Church

  • Seek to meet children and youth in their environment and provide prayerful opportunities for them to live, play, and work together as modeled by the rest of the community.

Proposition 4: Young Adult Small Groups

  • Lift up our youth in the community, showing how American Indian spirituality is similar to Jesus' way, and similar to early Christians being a part of something greater than themselves and always finding the blessings.